Discover the latest advertising campaign introducing the “Celebrating Monogram” project.

The Monogram was revolutionary at its creation. This particular and personal signature was instantly transformed into a universal symbol of modernity in the hands of Georges Vuitton. It marked the beginning of a branding strategy and became a symbol of a global culture.

118 years later Steven Meisel shoots the Celebrating Monogram Ad Campaign to capture the unparalleled collaboration with Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubo.

In many ways it means The Monogram has completed a full circle: looking at its handcrafted roots once more, its direct connection to a person, its daring and genre defying audacity and, above all, its journey into the future for Louis Vuitton. This is a collection that is both universal and personal; it exceeds expectations while being in accordance to the cherished traditions of the Maison.

Discover 'Celebrating Monogram' here.

Monogram Collaboration Georges Vuitton Ad Campaign Photography