An extract from the Codes and Secrets article in LV THE BOOK, Louis Vuitton's new print magazine.

Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton was an exploration of a vast land: the history of the House. “There are universal codes,” he explains, “which belong exclusively to the Maison Louis Vuitton. The objective was to reclaim them and to transpose them into a new territory.” For the designer, it was a way to pay homage to an inspirational story of savoir-faire. Prepare to follow the clues of fashion’s ultimate treasure hunt...

*Épi leather

An emblematic leather for Louis Vuitton, its graphic texture instantly appealed to Nicolas Ghesquière, who used it as one of the leitmotifs of his fashion show. Épi, a star of the 1980s, made its comeback in a more diagonal form on the “Petite Malle” bag in cherry red. It also cropped up on shoes and boots in both matte and glossy variants – the latter known as “Épi électrique” for its mesmerizing reflections when it moves and catches the light. Épi is also to be found on jewellery, like an imprint left by time, both ageless and timeless.

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