Crocodile is one of the exceptional, so-called exotic leathers on which the artisans of Maison Louis Vuitton exercise their unique skills, taking luxury to new heights of refinement.

There it is, on a pedestal, majestic and magnificent. Utterly incomparable. A crocodile bag is a noble object; it somehow has more pride, more presence, more power than any other. Maison Louis Vuitton delights in revealing this exceptional leather, developing cutting-edge techniques or seeking out age-old traditions in order to make it more exceptional yet. In the pantheon of exotic leathers, where python, stingray, lizard and ostrich all have a place, crocodile reigns supreme. At Louis Vuitton, working with crocodile is an adventure in itself, a thrilling exploration of new ways – through colors, treatments and innovations – to excite the imagination. It takes all the House’s legendary savoir-faire to create an object of unique beauty, as well as a lifetime companion, one that is not only sophisticated, but amazingly contemporary.
This immaculate skin requires a high level of expertise to reveal its brilliance. The artisans deploy all their skill to obtain an absolute white, as on this Capucines White bag.

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