Louis Vuitton releases a new edition in its Fashion Eye book series devoted to Saint Tropez, through the lens of Osma Harvilahti.

Finnish photographer Osma Harvilahti was chosen to share his understated and intimate view of Saint Tropez, the town on the French Riviera more often associated with the glamour of international jet set travelers. Harvilahti’s photographs have always been fundamentally documentary in nature, culled with spontaneity and nuance from the world around him. Making personal projects about the places he visits and the people he encounters along the way, he plucks out the most intimate and vivid details of his surroundings to fix within the frame.

What began as an early interest in street photography, and a penchant for the pure lines and formal order of the Bauhaus movement, slowly evolved into a sensitivity towards curating and capturing the compositions of everyday phenomena. Harvilahti has honed a brightly colored, clean and graphic aesthetic that interrogates pattern, shadow, form, and surface with aching honesty.

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