The “L’Aventure” pop up store, an unprecedented space showcasing Louis Vuitton's heritage craftsmanship for the modern traveller, has opened on April 4th at the Pacific Place store, Hong Kong.

From trunk beds destined for expeditions on the African continent to luggage designed to equip half-track vehicles across Asia, adventure is intrinsic to Louis Vuitton. Designed in collaboration by Tyler Brûlé and his team, the pop up store has been transported from the prestigious Avenue Montaigne in Paris, France to Hong Kong, to accompany great travellers of the modern age who crisscross the globe.

Upon entrance, eyes are immediately drawn to artist Letman’s boldly colourful illustrated mural, depicting a playful rendition of LV personalisation codes. Opposite the mural, vintage trunks are displayed on shelves suspended by cowhide leather straps.

To accompany globetrotters from the past to the present, this store will offer luggage and “L’Aventure” travel accessories, as well as a number of unique services by artisans, such as: Personalisation, repair and a demonstration of The Art of Packing your suitcase.

Discover more on the pop up store L'Aventure HERE.

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