Fragrance maestro Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has created a collection of seven scents for Maison Louis Vuitton.

A perfume always goes beyond the perfume. It is a journey into the realm of the senses, arousing long-forgotten memories – a fragment of childhood, a familiar voice, a light on the skin. It opens the doors to an imaginary garden, secret and seductive. It subtly unveils the woman who wears it, it transcends her, lends her a heroic quality. Such was the vision of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud for the seven fragrances he composed for Maison Louis Vuitton. They conjure the most sublime flowers, the rarest scents, the most unexpected metamorphoses. Each one is the story of a woman – tender or rebellious, mischievous or romantic, passionate or idiosyncratic. Each one is an expression of sensuality, an emotion that fills the air when you open the bottle. Each one suggests an adventure, an exploration of the infinite mystery that is woman. Close your eyes and follow the scent.

Above from left to right:

Mille Feux
Double V bag in Cuir Taurillon leather, City Steamer bag in painted calf leather, Mille Feux 100 ml spray.

Contre Moi
Capucines bag in Cuir Taurillon leather, strap pump in plain and patent calf leather, Contre Moi 100 ml spray.

Matière Noire
Torque necklace in resin and metal, Alma bag in Épi leather, ankle boots in embroidered knit, Matière Noire 100 ml spray.

Rose des Vents
Félicie pouch in Épi leather; Capucines compact wallet in Cuir Taurillon leather; shawl in silk, viscose, wool and polyester; Rose des Vents 100 ml spray; 100 ml travel case in Épi leather.

Shawl in silk and wool, Alma bag in Monogram Vernis, Twist bag in Épi leather, Apogée 100 ml spray, 100 ml travel case in Épi leather.

Twist compact wallet in Épi leather, Twist Tote bag in Épi leather, pump in suede baby goat leather, reversible belt in leather and Monogram canvas, Turbulences 100 ml spray.

Dans la Peau
Belt in leather, sandal in suede baby goat leather, Dans la Peau 100 ml spray, travel spray.

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