Louis Vuitton unveils a new High Jewellery Collection inspired by the heroines of medieval times.

Louis Vuitton pays tribute to the powerful vision that impelled so many medieval heroines to transcend their limitations and forge their own destiny. In homage to them, the Maison conjured a collection of High Jewellery pieces full of light to express the inner radiance of those who wear them. Glittering gems and diamonds radiate in this initial collection of fifty exceptional pieces that achieve an immersive aesthetic drawn from medieval codes of chivalry and heraldic crests.

The Royaume choker is distinguished by its shape inspired by the gorget - a special piece of armor designed to protect the throat - and is remarkable for its richly vibrant royal blue sapphire set against a delicate mesh of over a thousand diamonds. The Cavalière necklace showcases spinel, a precious gem with a deep red color infused with flashes or orange and symbolizing ardor and courage. On the Reine necklace, nine dazzling aquamarines of a Santa Maria-like blue evoke the magnificence of dynastic jewels and sovereign power. Each of these figurative pieces tells a story where the Maison's many creative facets find expression, whether in the architectural simplicity of the fortress, the luminescent transience of intuition, or the protective aura of a talisman.

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