Louis Vuitton adds a new edition to its Travel Book series devoted to Los Angeles by Javier Mariscal.  

Next stop Los Angeles, through the eyes of Javier Mariscal. The Louis Vuitton Travel Book series invites renowned artists and promising young talents to tell stories of places they have visited, depicting each place’s varied architecture and special light, and recording the passing days and the lives of its people. For the new edition on Los Angeles, the Spanish artist Javier Mariscal brings his edgy and unbridled style to the sprawling Californian city.

A graphic designer, illustrator, filmmaker, painter, sculptor and ceramist, Javier Mariscal loves to challenge everything he encounters: his motto is "hay que romper con todo" (you have to break with everything). As a dyslexic child, he was obsessed with drawing from a very early age and fascinated by letters and typography, a passion that would have a substantial influence on his work.

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