In May 2016, the “Louis Vuitton Travel Book” collection adds South Africa to its destinations and revisits the Paris edition.

It is now Brecht Evens’ turn, a young and talented author of graphic novels, to offer a fresh look at the city of Paris. While the painter Liu Xiaodong expresses his real experience of South Africa.

Each artist explores a country previously unknown to them. They confront an unfamiliar place with a viewpoint sharpened by the surprise of the unknown or stimulated by the pleasure of rediscovery.

Going beyond the pictorial vocation of these travel journals, the collection highlights the rich aesthetic horizons of today’s art. During their travels, these artists from various corners of the world were free to choose their modes of expression and communicate their views of other places through drawing, painting, collage, contemporary art, illustration, cartoons or manga.

For each new title, a limited edition of 30 copies numbered and signed by the artist will be available in selected Louis Vuitton stores. View the entire collection including the two new destinations here.

Travel Books Illustration Painting Paris