Rajasthan, the land of kings in the northwestern corner of India, inspires Louis Vuitton in an exploration of the origins of menswear, offering a timeless look of true sophistication.

    “While last season’s collection was about looking down at the earth from above, this time we’re looking up at the stars,” says Kim Jones, Men’s Style Director.

    While travelling in Rajasthan Jones discovered Sawai Jai Singh, the king who built Jaipur, India’s pink city, and constructed its fantastic Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory gardens in the early 18th century, that inspired the set design behind the fashion show.

    From Jaipur and the palaces of the lake cities of Udaipur to Ranthambore, the former hunting grounds of the maharajas of Jaipur, and the Taj Mahal at Agra, a vision of contemporary and eternal India, which predates European traditions and spans over five to six hundred years, has been remixed by Louis Vuitton into a glamorous blend of sophisticated embellished fabrics, smart military tailoring and inventive sport style.

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    Kim Jones Menswear India Campaign

    The Men's Shoe Collection for Spring 2015 is a versatile and elegant proposition.

    With the warm weather just around the corner, this summery shoe collection from Louis Vuitton makes us want to walk out into the sunshine. Focussing on natural colours, supple materials and perforations, the spirit of this collection is all about easy living. From the smoking loafer for evening to calf leather Derbies and the best selling moccasins, Louis Vuitton offers something for everyone.

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    Louis Vuitton called on digital artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and pro skater Alex Olson to present the new V Line leather good collection.

    Supple and innovative, city-proof and comfortable to wear, the leather featured in V Line is completely water-resistant and consequently adapts to all movements and outside conditions.

    Personalities Ryoichi Kurokawa and Alex Olson embody these specific features; their lifestyles involve quick-paced and dynamic rhythm. Ryoichi, a digital artist specialized in multi-screen installations and immersive holographic works, and Alex, pro skater but also active photographer and artist, are both at the confluence of the different source of urban energy reflected in the V Line collection.

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    V Line Leather Goods Photography Tokyo Los Angeles

    For the launch of the new V Line leather good collection, Louis Vuitton calls upon pro skater Alex Olson in this new film.

    To express the versatility of this new leather good signature, Louis Vuitton called on creative personalities and artists, always on the edge, exploring their respective fields revolving around lifestyle & art.

    At the intersection of visual art and skate, Alex Olson personifies movement in every aspect of his life. A pro-skater, he enriches the world of skating by creating multiple artistic experiences, turning the city into his own playground.

    Alex seems to perfectly embody the perpetual movement implied by city nomadism,  the urban rhythm echoing the V Line collection: flexible and adaptable shapes, exterior zip pocket, interior compartments, removable strap, versatile design… A collection of ingenious lightweight bags to carry - with style - all the essentials of a life in motion.

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    V Line Leather Goods Video Tokyo

    A collection of iconic symbols with universal power, the Monogram adds talismanic quality to a jewellery collection, creating scintillating pieces as captivating as the stars.

    Symbolizing Fortune, the first motif is the four-point star. Stars and flowers with four petals are notably seen in Egyptian art of the IV century. A fortunate apparition, the star shines through the dark… a fixed point in the universe guiding us to our destiny.

    The second motif is a four-petal flower symbolizing Joy. The flower sits inside a perfect circle, signifying protection and the absolute. Used in medieval architecture of the XI and XIV centuries, like a sun, the four-petal flower exudes a luminous aura of joy.

    The final motif is the four-point star inside a diamond, symbolizing Passion. Like the ‘mon’ of Japanese XI century tradition - an emblem that identified lineage - it is a symbol of union. The star inside the diamond is the ultimate symbol of passionate love.

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