Louis Vuitton asks a new generation of image-makers to contribute to the visualisation of the project Celebrating Monogram.

    When asked about his design for the Celebrating Monogram project, Karl Lagerfeld responded with the quote from Voltaire, "Everything which needs an explanation, isn't worth the explanation." His boxing designs for the collaboration are a playful interpretation of the Monogram with each detail and design imagined to the smallest detail.

    This collaboration is captured by New York based photographer Colin Dodgson who is known for capturing the vitality of youth and fashion with frankness. His photographs of Saskia de Brauw and Karl Lagerfeld's innovative designs of the Monogram display the casual sophistication and sly humour for which he is recognised.

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    Leather Goods Celebrating Monogram Monogram Karl Lagerfeld Video

    Louis Vuitton commissions experimental director and photographer Gordon Von Steiner to produce a film depicting its recent collaboration with Christian Louboutin for the Celebrating Monogram project.

    In a continued spirit of innovation and collaboration, Louis Vuitton asked 5 image-makers to contribute to the Celebrating Monogram project. Through the mediums of photography and moving image, each of the collaborators has offered their individual visualization of the iconic Monogram design. Canadian film maker and photographer Gordon Von Steiner made this short film about Christian Louboutin’s creation for the 160 years of the House, the trolly.

    In his conception of the Louis Vuitton trolly for the celebrating Monogram project, Christian Louboutin wanted to combine his own DNA with the one of Louis Vuitton and re-present something we already know in a distinct way. Gordon Von Steiner captures this very personal creation by Christian Louboutin and his connection with his native city of Paris.

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    As part of the Celebrating Monogram project, Louis Vuitton has appointed six photographers and directors to tell Creative Stories for each of the Six Iconoclasts.

    Since establishing his architectural practice in Los Angeles in 1962, Frank Gehry has produced some of the world’s most important and famous buildings, and continues to do so with numerous prestigious commissions including the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, to be opened later this month.

    The Belgian director, photographer and curator Pierre Debusschere interprets the Celebrating Monogram collaboration between Frank Gehry and Louis Vuitton. Through his lens we are transported into blazing Californian landscapes, somewhere between deserted roads and the architect’s own construction site… where palm trees are blurred by overheated mirages.

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    Louis Vuitton collaborates with Johnny Dufort  for a photographic series of Cindy Sherman and her recent conception for the Celebrating Monogram project.

    Recognised for his unusual, stylized aesthetic, Johnny Dufort was the choice of Louis Vuitton to shoot visual artist Cindy Sherman’s collaboration in this series of captivating stills. Cindy Sherman has been redefining boundaries as an image-maker since the 1970s and for the Monogram project she took inspiration from the patchwork of hotel stickers affixed to vintage Louis Vuitton trunks.

    Johnny Dufort’s images capture the renowned artist’s universe in contrasting settings. Immersed in a theatrical setting putting on makeup from the customized studio in a trunk and also outside, in natural light and in movement on her bike, the model wears the camera messenger bag with ease across her body.

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    A creative beginning.

    As an introduction to the Fondation and Spring 2015 Show, portrait figures appeared among guests in form of projected holograms speaking in unison the following lines :

    "A beginning is a very delicate time…Day zero in the heart of the project, code-named GEHRY014…The audience is asked to sit in a place that doesn’t exist for now. A ship surrounded by a gigantic woodland, a ship made up of 3,600 glass panels and 15,000 tons of steel, a ship that serves as an incubator and ignites our fellow creative minds…An undisclosed location at this time. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, today, October 1, the LV house wants to explore the ability to travel to any part of the universe without moving. The journey starts here in this place soon named the Fondation Louis Vuitton."

    Nicolas Ghesquière Ready to Wear Fashion Show Video Hologram