The Fall/Winter 2014 campaign by Louis Vuiton will be unveiled in the August 2014 press issues.  Discover “Series 1” by Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber.

    Much more than an advertising campaign, three contemporary and individual photographers have, for the first time ever, accepted their work to be mirrored by another great photographer, within an open and also remarkable framework of the unlimited imagination.

    “I wanted an unprecedented narrative from each of these photographers whom I admire so greatly (...) I also wanted to remove them from their comfort zones, from what we already know about them, to see what they would tell the world, and me, about what fashion is today.” explains Nicolas Ghesquière.

    More visuals and videos are available on the Louis Vuitton Pass application (App Store and Google Play, for smartphones and tablets).

    Ad Campaign Ready to Wear Collaboration Photography

    Rajasthan, the land of kings in the north-western corner of India, inspired Louis Vuitton in an exploration of the origins of menswear, offering a timeless look of true sophistication.

    “While last season’s collection was about looking down at the earth from above, this time we’re looking up at the stars,” says Kim Jones, Men’s Artistic Director.
    From Jaipur to Ranthambore, a vision of contemporary and eternal India has been remixed by Louis Vuitton into a glamorous blend of sophisticated embellished fabrics, smart military tailoring and inventive sport style.
    Review the collection plus additional contents here.

    Fashion show Kim Jones Ready to Wear Live

    Discover Louis Vuitton’s menswear fashion show, live on June 26th at 8.30 pm Hong Kong time.

    For his 7th collection, men’s style director Kim Jones, unveils the new Louis Vuitton’ sartorial elegance made for travellers from all around the world. Perfect key silhouettes will walk down the catwalk once again within the magnificent glass structure of the Parc André Citroën.
    Stay tuned to view the collection plus additional contents Here.

    Fashion Show Kim Jones Ready to Wear Live

    The Emprise collection of watches and fine jewellery perfectly integrates within the Parisian style atmosphere found in this year’s Michelle Williams ad campaign.

    The rigorous styling of this collection falls within an aristocratic lineage, imbued with a purely Parisian heritage. The severe outlines of the volumes and the precious stone assemblies with their myriad reflections reproduce the magnificent perspectives created in Paris by Baron Haussmann during the 19th century, and the long procession of salons and interplay of mirrors found in the rich townhouses around the Parc Monceau. Gold tassels that tremble at the slightest movement recall the Haute Couture and gaiety of Second Empire festivities.

    On this visual, a graphic and delicate yellow gold watch from the new Emprise collection is worn by Michelle Williams to discover HERE along with the entire collection.

    Ad Campaign Watches & Jewellery Photography Michelle Williams

    Captivating and mysterious, Michelle Williams brings a new facet to feminity within Louis Vuitton’s latest advertising campaign featuring the Lockit Fine Jewellery collection.

    A modern symbol of attachment for lovers all over the world, the padlock is one of Louis Vuitton’s iconic signatures, from the Steamer, the Maison’s first bag to be closed with a padlock, to the new Lockit jewellery collection.

    Hooked on as a clasp on the bracelets, cuffing the beloved’s wrist, the padlock represents the ultimate step of attachment. While worn as a pendant, it becomes a symbol of freedom, swaying along a chain next to a set of keys, like love that has broken free of convention.

    Available in rose, yellow or white gold, a version is adorned in diamonds with an accompanying white gold key.

    Discover the Lockit Fine Jewellery collection Here.

    Ad Campaign Fine Jewellery Photography Michelle Williams