Louis Vuitton’s new High Jewellery Collection features multiple exceptional gemstones to tell a story where the Maison’s many creative facets find expression.

    The Riders of the Knights High Jewellery Collection pays tribute to medieval heroines through an immersive aesthetic drawn from medieval codes of chivalry and heraldic crests. At the heart of the Collection are exceptional jewels. A richly vibrant royal blue sapphire – the most regal of gemstones – takes center stage in the Royaume choker to symbolize the protection of the Kingdom. Another piece, the Cavalière necklace, showcases spinel, a precious gem distinctive for its deep red color and symbolizing ardor and courage. On the Reine necklace, dazzling aquamarines of a Santa Maria-like blue evoke the magnificence of dynastic jewels and sovereign power.

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    Louis Vuitton presents Men's Artistic Director Virgil Abloh's first fashion jewellery collection.

    This new jewellery collection encapsulates the contemporary mood of the Maison and embodies the new vocabulary that Virgil Abloh has introduced across all categories since his arrival at Louis Vuitton last year. The collection is a reinterpretation of classic menswear chains that debuted during his first show across various accessories and leather goods, introducing an entirely new Louis Vuitton chain. Inspired by classic Cuban links, it nods to wider cultural references, from hip-hop to skate culture and a dynamic community of collaborators. 

    Rooted in the heritage of men's jewellery, the chain has been twisted into a new, highly exclusive form through an inventive and meticulous use of materials and finishes. A multi-hued chain nods to the rainbow story which was central to the Spring-Summer 2019 Collection - a tribute to diversity and an open invitation to a new, global audience. It showcases an array of exceptional finished, techniques, and materials, which are carefully united together across the links. Colored enamel in orange and blue tones, brass with aged gold effect, palladium finishing with Monogram engraving, and crystal encrustations in a range of hues are all united across one chain. All necklaces and bracelets come with an innovative new system of closing; a clever cylindrical slide specially developed to ensure security. The clasp comes embellished with Louis Vuitton branding and an "R" engraving, the registered trademark symbol, a detail that runs throughout the collection. Each piece combines the signature Louis Vuitton savoir-faire with Virgil Abloh's vision of style.

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    Louis Vuitton unveils the Tambour Spin Time Air Collection with an all-new caliber allowing for an ethereal display as if time were suspended in mid-air.

    As playful as it is technical, the unrivaled, innovative Spin Time concept provides a fun way of reading the time thanks to an exclusive and patented caliber developed a decade ago. Instead of a central hand, these watches use twelve rotating cubes to display the hours. Every 60 minutes, the corresponding cube spins to reveal the next hour, while the previous hour simultaneously rotates to hide its numeral. This year, the master watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton have further evolved the unique self-winding movement to be more even more ethereal, in that the cubes displaying the hour appear to float in mid-air. These cubes have become veritable satellites, suspended between the caliber and the case, whose hidden sides can be seen through the transparent back along with the oscillating weight.

    Each of the seven new Tambour Spin Time Air watches is housed in a white gold case, available with a variety of central pattern in gemstones settings, while the cubes themselves are set with diamonds or colored stones, lacquered or satin-brushed.

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    Revisiting the Louis Vuitton Men's Spring-Summer 2020 Show through the lens of director Julian Klincewicz.

    Continuing his exploration of boyhood, Virgil Abloh staged his Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Show as an ode to the typical idea of childhood bliss. Against the backdrop of the postcard-perfect Place Dauphine, accented by childhood symbols such as kites and balloons, the latest Louis Vuitton Men's Fashion Show was presented while the Heritage Orchestra, directed by Chris Wheeler and conductor Tom Richards, performed a medley of tracks live under the musical direction of Benji B. 

    Florals - both real flowers "foliaged" onto mid-layers, hats, and bags as well as embroidered motifs and crocheted - provided the overarching inspiration as a naturally occurring metaphor for diversity. The collection's palette is rooted in the colors of the garden: jessamine yellow, sage, moss green, forget-me-not blue, heirloom lilac, peony pink, fuchsia, etc. Other horticultural inspiration includes straw gardening hats, wellington boots, and functional gloves. See a selection of looks in a new light in this video by Julian Klincewicz.

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    Menswear Virgil Abloh Runway

    For his Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 Collection, Men's Artistic Director Virgil Abloh lionizes the instinctive, the habitual, and the natural.

    Flowers, a staple element in fashion, are observed as a naturally occurring metaphor for diversity. In bloom, they are as beautiful on a micro level as they are on a macro level. Too often relegated to trivial motifs, flowers are wonders of nature: multi-faceted, free in expression, movement, and metamorphosis. In the cityscape, flowers blend into a horizon of unsung heroes: the magnificent buildings, bridges, and pavements to which we grow accustomed and partially blind. Seen in a new light, or wrapped in different packaging, they merge in newfound splendor.

    Beyond this omnipresent horticultural influence, Virgil Abloh furthers his exploration of the idea of boyhood as it intersects with fashion. Through the stages of boyhood, young men's encounter with clothes and fashion is yet to be influenced by societal programming. Our exploration of dress codes is still liberated of those codes; of social norms, gender conventions, and cultural conduct. As we get older, we intuitively adapt to the familiarity of our surroundings. In a digital age oversaturated with views and visual data, stopping to smell the roses de-programs the mind and makes new space for freedom of thought.

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    Menswear Virgil Abloh Runway