Louis Vuitton’s now iconic LV Archlight sneakers are reinterpreted in two new silhouettes and runway-inspired fabrics for Spring-Summer 2020.

    Instantly recognizable thanks to their oversized, wave-shaped outsole, the LV Archlight sneakers return season after season in new materials and detailing. Now available in a sneaker boot version with a delicate, sock-like fit, and as a sporty sandal with a graphic design, the LV Archlights continue to prove their fashion-forward allure and statement-making appeal.

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    Louis Vuitton presents the new campaign for Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring-Summer 2020 Collection.

    Following its début on the runway in Paris last October, the collection's rich Belle Epoque inspiration sets the tone for the new campaign. Romantic and visually powerful, the silhouettes are shot by film director Albert Moya in London’s legendary Park Lane Hotel, with its unique Art Deco architecture serving as the perfect backdrop for the collection. 

    Actresses and Louis Vuitton Ambassadors Emma Stone and Zhong Chuxi feature alongside a cast of models in the series of captured moments, giving a haunting sense of anticipation to each image.

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    Subtle and masculine, the five fragrances in Les Parfums Louis Vuitton Collection for Men are gifts that transport the spirit.

    A fantasy of Immensité as far as the eye can see, a visit to a Nouveau Monde, a heart-racing, tempest-tossed crossing with Orage, high hopes on the road with Sur la Route, and chance encounters with Au Hasard: each fragrance carries the promise of absolute intensity. Five singular compositions capture breathtaking discoveries and evoke a masculine energy right on the skin’s surface, making them ideal gifts for your Valentine.

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    Valentine's Day Gifting Les Parfums Louis Vuitton

    Introducing the Rain Capsule, a collection of waterproof shoes from Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Women’s Collections Nicolas Ghesquière.

    Futuristic, dynamic, and playful, the Rain Capsule embraces feminitity in movement through iconic styles both casual and elegant. Made of 100% rubber and entirely waterproof, some of Ghesquière’s iconic designs take on new life: the Silhouette ankle boot and its signature Monogram flower-shaped heel, the LV Archlight, a hybrid and modern sneaker with an oversized sole, and finally the Rhapsody ankle boot with its motorcycle-inspired harness and horseshoe buckle. Appearing as if they’ve been “dipped in paint”, each style is crafted down to the smallest detail in waterproof rubber, with a matte or varnished finish and is awash with color.

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    Les Parfums Louis Vuitton take you on a journey that begins on bare skin – a fitting gift for Valentine’s Day.

    From the heartbeat of Coeur Battant to the dreamlands of Attrape-Rêves, the fresh rays of daybreak with Le Jour Se Lève to the self-revealing Contre Moi, the exploration of a darker side with Matière Noire to the explosion of the senses with Mille Feux…the journey spans ten feminine fragrances telling ten intimate, abstract, and metaphorical stories. Share the emotion you wish to express this Valentine’s Day with the gift of a Louis Vuitton perfume.

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    Valentine's Day Gifting Les Parfums Louis Vuitton