Louis Vuitton celebrates the Year of the Dog with a selection of collectible gifts.

    As the Lunar New Year approaches, Louis Vuitton invites you to discover a world of gifts through the eyes of a sweet and playful dog.

    Soon enough, it becomes clear that many items have been created to festively honour the zodiac animal of 2018. Among the items that catch her attention: A scarf designed as a trompe l’oeil trunk boasting a stylized poodle, a sleek watch featuring the face of a cute canine, a plush toy paneled in leather, and the Felicie pochette with its signature quatrefoil transformed into a puppy face.

    Naturally, there are classic treats to behold, as well: the NeoNoe or Saint Sulpice bags trimmed with touches of red, a delicate blossom pendant, sporty scarves, and bottles of fragrance that have been custom-engraved.

    With so many special options, it is no wonder that the dog is so delighted to share her treats with you.

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    Lunar New Year Year of the Dog

    The 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac burst into life on Tambour Horizon watch faces directly inspired by the world of Louis Vuitton men’s leather goods universe.

    Celebrate Lunar New Year with Tambour Horizon!

    The Tambour Horizon connected watch continues its journey to the heart of men’s leather goods with 12 new dials featuring the Chinese zodiac: the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, the pig and the goat, all designed by men’s studio.

    Creativity, innovation and savoir-faire come together in the Tambour Horizon watch, designed to travel the globe in style. Access exclusive content from Louis Vuitton: customize the dials to your taste and load up on dedicated travel apps.

    These new watch faces are available directly on the Tambour Horizon watch.

    Discover the new Tambour Horizon watch faces here

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    Spread the love with Louis Vuitton.

    Because hearts make their own journeys too, Louis Vuitton is embracing the spirit of Valentine's Day by launching special animations that spread the love. 

    With whimsy and charm, the Louis Vuitton heart sails through the skies of an imaginary city, discovering gifts in unexpected places: the Turbulences fragrance bottle atop a building, the Capucines bag and Zippy wallet hidden in the clouds, a men's scarf trailing behind an airplane, and watches attached to balloon strings. After exploring the outer reaches of the atmosphere where the heart encounters bracelets and cuffs suspended in space, it descends back to Earth, arriving in the hands of its one true love. 

    Stickers that evoke this tender adventure can be downloaded and shared.

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    Valentine's day Love

    Now revisited in two-tone Epi leather, the NéoNoé bag promises a fresh and cheerful style in a joyful colour palette.

    Reinterpreting the iconic Monogram design, the NéoNoé now comes in timeless Epi leather crafted in a rainbow of upbeat shades.

    With five different carry options thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap and removable handle, the NéoNoé lends itself to any look and can be worn whatever the mood or occasion, for a fresh, elegant and modern feel.


    Discover the six bags in the new NéoNoé collection.

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    For his latest Men's Spring-Summer collection, Kim Jones offers bags and small leather goods in four refined styles.

    Travel, Street Style, Business and Relax: the Louis Vuitton Leather Goods Profiler selects the season's essentials for each style, from a Monogram bag to a colourful Epi leather accessory.

    With its exotic motifs and sun-kissed, botanical colour palette, Kim Jones' latest Summer collection is accessorised with the House's signature pieces, ranging from small leather goods to luggage, a Damier leather wallet, Monogram weekend bag, urban backpack or chic belt.

    Follow our Profiler and select a style to discover this season's essentials for men.

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