Casual or Business, accessories for every style.

    This season, the Louis Vuitton accessories for men add a touch of modernity to casual looks. The masculine dressing is enriched with printed lines and bold new colours, as well as the iconic Karakoram motif, the LV initials or the Damier appearing on new creations. Find the perfect accessories for every style, Casual, Fashion or Business, and every occasion and learn more about how to mix and match them by colors and how to wear them with elegance and distinction.

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    « Blossom » is a unique moment when the flowers of fruit trees bloom

    There is a word to describe the moment nature stirs from its winter sleep, the fragile and fleeting moment evoking the irresistible rebirth of beauty, the moment when a flower opens to greet the pale light of spring and herald the fertility of the fruit trees. That word is "blossom". And Blossom is now the name of a new Louis Vuitton jewellery collection inspired by the flowers on Monogram canvas.

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    Taking inspiration from the legendary aluminium trunks, Louis Vuitton now presents a brand new watch,
    the LV Fifty Five.

    LV Fifty Five is a versatile and contemporary timepiece with the clean, reflective beauty of classic steel.

    The LV Fifty Five watch carries several Louis Vuitton signatures inspired by the company’s heritage, history. The most significant are the two metal plaques riveted and engraved with the name of Louis Vuitton - a reinterpretation of the plaques on the locks of the historic trunks ; the discreet and finely engraved winding crown, as a subtle reminder of the heads of the trunk ; or the dial marked with a V.

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    Discover the Fall-Winter 2016 collection up-close and in slow motion.

    The Louis Vuitton menswear show last week was a conversation between past and present, 162 years captured in Louis Vuitton’s archives and the wardrobe of the modern man: a future heritage. The Monogram is the collection’s key motif. This season the iconic canvas has been reworked into a timeless new variation: Monogram Eclipse, a subtle contrast of grey and black shadow tones inspired by the black leather on the famous Malle Courrier in the Louis Vuitton archives.

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