Oxford Street, March 1885. With the opening of the first Louis Vuitton store in the United Kingdom, Georges Vuitton yearned for the trunk “à la française” to supplant its English counterpart. Today, Kim Jones revisits British sartorial traditions with men’s collections made to stroll through the streets of London.
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    Rivets, steel girders, transparent structures – the spirit of Eiffel still haunts Louis Vuitton’s Asnières workshop. What more appropriate setting for the season’s accessories.

    The patina hand finish is one of the Louis Vuitton men's shoe collection highlights for Fall 2015.

    The patina finish is a process of dyeing which stimulates the natural character and depth of aging as if the leather was oxidised over a long period of time.

    A masculine aura is enhanced by subtle nuances of hand-crafted, shaded patina perfectly mastered by Louis Vuitton's very precise savoir-faire. This winter, the patina is available in a large range of shoe types for every moment of the day: business, leisure and sport.

    View the Patina collection here.

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    The Monogram Jewellery collection features Sun and Star motifs with sparkling pendants, sautoirs and bracelets.

    The iconic round and pointed Monogram Flowers with Sun and Star motifs compose a selection of fine jewellery pieces made of pink gold, white mother-of-pearl and diamonds. Airy, shimmering and playful, the Monogram Jewellery collection gives an effortless twist to any outfit.

    Discover the collection here.

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    Boots from the Fall 2015 Women's collection appear in the resolutely asserted style of the Louis Vuitton fashion shows.

    Small details, that are typical of the new Louis Vuitton Women's silhouette designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, pepper the boot collection for Fall 2015 shot by London-based photographer Thomas Brown. Whether it features a turtleneck, or a distinctive knot recalling the 'Tie the knot' model belt, these boots demonstrate an incredible craftsmanship. A fine example is the marquetry used to make a wooden heel embedded with a discreet 'LV'. All in a selection of the very finest leather.

    View the Half Boots collection here.

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