Discover the film from Louis Vuitton’s new advertising campaign where Michelle Williams models the new Lockit bag and reveals her true delicateness.

    The latest interpretation of the Lockit sees cashmere calfskin giving new elegant curves and rounded lines that are at once the height of sophistication and restraint.

    The Lockit handbag reveals superior quality materials, excellence of expertise, close attention paid to the slightest detail such as subtle dyed edges colouring the trim of the bag in tone-on-tone shades and delicate finishing stitching.

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    Along with the Capucines and Alma handbags, the Lockit is the third key bag to be featured in Louis Vuitton’s new advertising campaign brought out by Michelle Williams’ enchanting presence.

    As she graciously lays down in a trunk, Michelle Williams embodies the essence of the stylish, self-confident “Parisienne”. Her nonchalant poses reflect the understated elegance of the new Lockit handbag in soft Veau Cachemire leather.

    The soft Lockit line is a contemporary reinterpretation based on a Louis Vuitton’s archival design from the fifties. Available in store and online starting from May 2014, the bag will come in chic subtle shades like Galet, Magnolia, Framboise and Quetsche.

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  • Emprise: in the grips of perception

    Louis Vuitton explores Parisian origins in the House's new collection of watches and fine jewellery with its new film Emprise.

    The emblematic trunk continues its journey through the Louis Vuitton universe. From the initial reality of a tangible utilitarian object, a collection of modern, feminine watches and fine jewellery comes into being. Powerfully structured shapes, the choice of stones and their vibrant colours set in medallions delineating the silhouette, a high-style bracelet watch: everything in the Emprise collection suggests a contemporary woman, at times provocative, captivating or charming. An infinitely Parisian attitude.

    In a single-shot sequence, director Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano and the Surface to Air studio lead us through a game on perception. Imperceptibly guided by the footsteps of an elusive woman through endless mirrors and a haunting abyss, her mystery is emphasized by the musical arrangements of electronic composer Gesaffelstein. The film immerses us in the heart of the collection, precisely where the word "Emprise" takes on its full dimension.
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    Following her successful debut as the face of Louis Vuitton, actress Michelle Williams spotlights the Alma Epi leather line within Louis Vuitton’s new advertising campaign.

    In these new series of images taken by Peter Lindbergh, Michelle Williams perfectly embodies the Alma Epi leather universe and its eye-popping colours.

    In a candid and childlike mood, the actress represents a playful “Parisienne” as she perches on a pile of shimmering Epi leather trunks.

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    Share the views of five cutting-edge visionaries in fields as broad as literature, economics and politics interviewed at the 2014 World Economic Forum.

    The World Economic Forum ‘s Annual meeting last January in Davos, Switzerland, gave Louis Vuitton the perfect setting to interview five business leaders of the international scene: Tom Reiss, Félix Marquardt, Atiq Rahimi, Gino Yu and Lourenço Bustani.

    In these films, these entrepreneur travellers, chosen for their shared views and values in terms of excellence and innovation, discuss the notions of elegance, travelling and moving frontiers.

    For Tom Reiss, elegance is “about remaining true to yourself first of all, (…) about keeping a connection to the past, keeping a connection to some kind of tradition. That’s very personal; it can be a very personal tradition (…) about finding meaning in what you wear just like there is meaning in what you do.”

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