Discover the men’s wardrobe through the lens of three modern adventurers.

    Follow the path of three characters in the midst of their respective passions, in Florence, la Havana or at the heart of Canada’s deepest forest. From one bag to the other, we discover a cinematographer in Italy on the tail of great directors’ work, an oceanographer gathering data and other artefacts in the middle of the Cuban island and lastly a modern day herbalist in his personal retreat, a remote cabin hidden in the Canadian forest.

    Louis Vuitton’s men bag collections feature three iconic models that compose the “essentials” for a man’s wardrobe. Created for different occasions and usages, their versatility allows them to be reinvented by each individual to suit his own needs.  In this new animation, dive in the life of these adventurers.

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    Leather Goods Men Video

    Discover the House’s new window displays inspired directly from Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s original sketches and adapted here for the 21st century.

    Gaston-Louis has been described as a visionary as well as an aesthete, a man of his time while turned towards the future. One of his diverse and multiple interests was the conception and creation of windows displays. In a time where store windows were reinvented every week, his passion combined with grasping the aesthetic of the twenties allowed him to imagine numerous displays from a graphic and geometric standpoint; a series of modern sceneries that still feel relevant today in 2014.

    In 1925 he wrote an essay for the publication Vendre on this matter: “The art of creating a window display fall both within a sharp sense of architecture and the skills of a stage director”.
    He finishes the piece on a more poetic note: “The picturesque streets of the older days with its curious boutiques are now gone forever. While the 19th century street was quite dull, a wind of change seems to be blowing in this new century: the shopkeeper transformed his front window into a magnificent and modern façade. Let’s turn the street into a cheerful space (…). By our daily renewed efforts let’s draw the passer-by, let’s give him a reason to dawdle, to stroll!”

    Gaston Louis Vuitton Windows Now and Then

    On this Holiday season, Louis Vuitton is happy to celebrate the Chinese New Year and proves it with an exclusive animation dedicated to the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the wood horse.

    Symbol of freedom and energy, the horse is one amongst the favourite animals of the Chinese, as it played a crucial role in the development of the Chinese Empire. This year, the horse represents one of Louis Vuitton’s core values as an emblem of travel. Thus, the 2014 Wood Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance.

    In line with romance, love, fairy tales, heroes and heroines, great adventures are amongst the main sources of inspiration of London based artist and film director, Mustashrik Mahbub. His travel background and talented illustrations of horses naturally brought Louis Vuitton to collaborate with him on this occasion.

    Holiday Season Event Animation Illustration

    Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Men’s fashion show has unveiled a new line of Louis Vuitton canvas named Damier Cobalt.

    Within a complete collection created around the timeless and masculine blue colour, travel bags, handbags and small leather goods are now available in the new House canvas, Damier Cobalt.

    This midnight blue was the missing colour of an already successful and wide offer of Damier Graphite, Damier Infini and Damier Ebene collections.

    For the first time, Louis Vuitton celebrates the launch of this new sophisticated Damier Cobalt products available to purchase online in avant-première from now until their arrival in stores at the beginning of February.

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    Colour Video Collection Damier Leather Goods Small Leather Goods

    Experience Louis Vuitton’s menswear fashion show on Thursday 16th January at 9.30 pm Hong Kong Time.

    Louis Vuitton men’s style director Kim Jones continues his ineffable journey into travel and style. Mr Jones highly anticipated 6th collection for the House will be held in the magnificent glass structure of Parc André Citroën.

    On this occasion Louis Vuitton will be revealing a new leather good collection from which a selection of products will be available online for purchase in avant-première. Stay tuned for more information.

    Fashion Show Kim Jones Ready to Wear Live Digital Avant-Première