This latest collection, Conquêtes - Regalia, encapsulates the Maison’s expertise in transforming exceptional precious stones into the most exclusive High Jewellery.

    Regalia. This word evokes the attributes of royal power: all the insignia, ornaments and objects used by the monarchy that symbolise sovereignty. They are precious ornaments that give the wearer legitimacy. Louis Vuitton has used the stylistic vocabulary of heraldry – the science of coats of arms – and phaleristics – the science of orders and decorations – as a source of inspiration to invent new insignia of power. A power that comes naturally to women.

    Diamonds magnify unique gems in a choreography of moving shapes, curves and counter-curves, outlining flowers and Vs, the House’s two signatures. These two motifs subtly merge until they become almost indistinguishable in a new graphic design that evokes a quatrefoil or a coat of arms.


    Starring Emma Stone and Directed by Sam Mendes

    The vibrant short film brings together two Academy-Award-winning talents, House Ambassador Emma Stone and Director Sam Mendes to mark an important milestone in Les Parfums Louis Vuitton’s history. By looking at the different moments and emotions in a woman’s life journey, the film reflects the spirit of travel and passion that is central to the Louis Vuitton values. The changing backdrops also evoke the contrasting personalities of the exceptional perfumes within the Louis Vuitton fragrance collection.

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    Fragrance Campaign

    Louis Vuitton is delighted to announce its very first fragrance film.

    For the upcoming launch of a new Fragrance for Women, Louis Vuitton will unveil a film campaign that brings together two Academy Award-winning talents. Evoking a feeling of continuous movement, the film is an ode to the many moments that add up to a lifetime.

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    The first comprehensive overview of Louis Vuitton’s cutting-edge fashion collections, from their debut in 1998 to today, presented through original catwalk photography.

    Founded as a leather goods house in 1854, Louis Vuitton launched its first fashion collection in 1998. Unprecedented global fame ensued, as did pioneering high-profile collaborations with artists such as Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, and Stephen Sprouse.

    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the unveiling of the house’s first women’s collection, Louis Vuitton Catwalk records the hugely influential collections designed by creative director Marc Jacobs (1998–2014) and Nicolas Ghesquière, who helms the brand today.

    Every women's ready to wear collection is represented, as are Cruise collections since the arrival of Ghesquière onwards. Complete with an introduction by Jo Ellison and designer profiles and collection texts by Louise Rytter, this book offers a unique opportunity to chart the development of one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. With over 1,350 images, this treasure trove of inspiration will be the must-have reference for all fashion professionals and Louis Vuitton fans.

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    For Li Kunwu, as a Chinese artist, Cuba resonates strongly, the island’s history mirroring that of the Middle Kingdom.

    “I’ve been hearing about Cuba since I was little. In the 1950s, our two countries developed excellent relations. Deep down, I always knew I’d go there one day.”

    He marvels at the similarity of Cuban landscapes with the scenery in his native Yunnan and is captivated by these Cubans with their similar destiny. The passion he felt there followed him all the way to his studio, where he created over three hundred drawings, including inks, colours, lignes claires, portraits and landscapes. The diversity of styles reflects the intensity of his emotions and the profusion he encountered when he was in Cuba.

    Li Kunwu grew up during the Mao era, in a China swept by the Cultural Revolution. A born artist, Li drew constantly, using his pens and brushes to carve out a path for himself and recount his journey.

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