Louis Vuitton invites you to watch the Women's Spring-Summer 2017 show live online.

    On October 5th 4:00 pm Hong Kong time the next Louis Vuitton show will take place in an incredible location:  the future Louis Vuitton store at Place Vendôme. You will have the possibility to watch the show live at the same time as the press and clients here on louisvuitton.com.

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    A brief look at Nicolas Ghesquière's studio, a few days before the show.

    Excitement grows as well as creativity in the Parisian studio… Here is a glimpse of the collection, a work in progress.

    Louis Vuitton's Spring-Summer show will take place in Place Vendôme on October 5th at 4:00 pm Hong Kong time in Paris. You are invited to watch the show live on louisvuitton.com.

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    An insight into the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2017 show designed by Nicolas Ghesquière.

    For the first time, the future Louis Vuitton store situated at the legendary Place Vendôme will host the Spring-Summer 2017 show. Here is a glimpse of what inspired the next women's collection created by Nicolas Ghesquière’s studio.

    Stay tuned and watch the event on October 5th at 4:00 pm Hong Kong time, broadcast live on louisvuitton.com and on Snapchat.


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    Discover the city of Paris as a key influence for Nicolas Ghesquière's Spring-Summer 2017 Fashion Show.

    The women's Spring-Summer 2017 collection will be unveiled in one of Paris' most iconic locations, Place Vendôme. Make sure to follow the show on October 5th at 4pm Hong Kong time, broadcast live on louisvuitton.com, as well as Louis Vuitton's social media pages for additional insider content.

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    "Blossom" is a unique word describing the moment when the flowers of fruit trees bloom.

    There is a word to describe the moment nature stirs from its winter sleep, the fragile and fleeting moment evoking the irresistible rebirth of beauty, the moment when a flower opens to greet the pale light of spring and herald the fertility of the fruit trees. That word is "blossom". And Color Blossom is now the name of a new Louis Vuitton jewellery collection inspired by the flowers on Monogram canvas.

    Color Blossom celebrates the Monogram flowers, created in 1896 by Georges-Louis Vuitton. Set into yellow or pink gold, the flower blooms into a carved tiger eye or white mother-of-pearl. Months of work were necessary to perfect the stone’s subtle curves and sparkle. The dazzling array of jewel creations is an invitation to create your own personal harmony.

    Discover the Blossom Collections here.

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