Louis Vuitton shifts gears into the New Year.

    A never-ending process humming in the background. The waning of one year becomes the waxing of the next. With the precision of a finely tuned instrument, 2016 shifts gears into 2017 like clockwork. The scheme is an intricate, playful reference to a kind of craftsmanship that is timeless—a warm reminder of the rejuvenating forces at work this time of year. Stop by your Louis Vuitton store this holiday season to get inspired to give or visit the Louis Vuitton Gift Workshop to find the perfect present.

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    Follow our guide on how to stylishly accessorize your look with the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

    With a few clicks, become a stylish man by coordinating your wardrobe with a large selection of sunny seasonal essentials. From a businessman's allure to a more relaxed silhouette, choose your style from the accessories, shoes, and men's bag collections.

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    On brighter days, boost your style with Louis Vuitton shoes from the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

    The summery collection from Louis Vuitton makes us want to leave our winter shoes on the doorstep and walk out into the sunshine. Focusing on exceptional cuts and savoir-faire techniques, the spirit of this collection suggests a journey through Paris. From the hand-crafted patina Richelieu for business to the indispensable moccasin for travel, Louis Vuitton offers something for every special moment on a warm day.

    Match shoes to your style here.

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    The Hong Kong Louis Vuitton City Guide is available for complimentary download from December 15th to 21st, on the App Store.

    Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has been sharing its unique take on the world through its City Guides, offering a careful selection of addresses chosen with originality.  Each Louis Vuitton City Guide includes the participation of a special guest contributor, who all speak from personal experience of their home cities.  This time, Louis Vuitton travels with interior architect Andre Fu to share his favourite spots and secret haunts in Hong Kong.

    From December 15th to 21st 2016, the HONG KONG Louis Vuitton City Guide is available for complimentary download on the App Store.  In one click, you’ll be as well-informed as any local and on your way to the best travel experience possible.

    Download on the App Store here


    Louis Vuitton conjures a magical holiday gathering at the North Pole.

    Underneath a frozen night sky charged with blue and pink Northern Lights, a tiny theater reveals winter animals in their snowy habitat. Like an opened music box, the creatures spring to life, mechanically animated by golden, 19th-century gears and belts. Puffins and Ermines play hide and seek in the snow, popping in and out of sight while balancing gifts; in the next window, a baby polar bear frolics through mounds of snow, softly, almost as if in slow motion.

    The scheme is playful, elegant and references the great department stores ("Les Grands Magasins") of Zola's Paris - a warm reminder of timeless childhood happiness. Stop by your Louis Vuitton store this holiday season to see these wonderful animatronic installations, and get inspired to give. Or visit louisvuitton.com to find the perfect present with the LV Gift Workshop.

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