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Fashion - Shoes 18/12

A View Sneakers by Virgil Abloh

Conceived in an exchange with professional skateboarder Lucien Clarke, Louis Vuitton’s new ‘A View’ sneaker is a legitimate skate shoe borne out of Virgil Abloh’s ties to the community.

The sneaker expands on the inherent bridge between the Men’s Artistic Director’s visual language and the functional genetics key to the pro skate wardrobe. A pillar in the grammar of streetwear, the authenticity embedded within A View reflects Virgil Abloh’s core consideration of streetwear as a cultural institution nestled in reality, relatability, and unity.

Evoking the familiarity of its 1990s frontrunners, A View was created with and for a skater through an ongoing dialogue with Lucien Clarke. The new sneaker both enters into the contemporary Men’s wardrobe as an everyday staple as well as enabling the physical act of skating whenever and wherever the wearer sees fit.