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For the first time, Louis Vuitton’s City Guide series travel to Chengdu, a vibrant and modern Chinese city rooted in spirituality, that takes time to really get to know its diverse districts.


Long renowned as a “land of plenty” for its fertile ground, today Chengdu has blossomed into a vibrant city and economic powerhouse that drives the entire region. Scaffolding-shrouded construction sites are ubiquitous and combine with the rapid rise of shiny new skyscrapers to accentuate the message that Chengdu is very much an upwardly mobile city. 

Despite the city’s breakneck pursuit of modernity, it has managed to hold on to some of the spiritual roots that have made it a popular destination for centuries. Chengdu takes its reputation for fun very seriously indeed, with a seemingly never-ending selection of bars, cafés, and entertainment options. The sanctity of leisure that has been enshrined in Chengdu folklore for generations is still being passionately protected by many a tea-sipping, mah-jong-playing local. And then there’s the food. As an unparalleled center for

Sichuan cuisine, it’s of little surprise that Chengdu was one of the first places in the world to be named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy – just one in a long line of accolades for a city that continues to intoxicate and intrigue visitors.

The new Chengdu City Guide is now available online or in bookstores worldwide, with a version available on the City Guides App (iOS).



For the past 20 years, the Louis Vuitton City Guide series has explored 30 of the world’s leading metropolises, with an offbeat look at local fashion, design, contemporary art, food, and culture. Each volume invites writers and guests from diverse backgrounds to provide a completely subjective view of the most beautiful hotels, the best restaurants, the quirkiest shops, and the most famous historic places.

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