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Fashion - Fragrances 28/05

Cologne Perfumes

Louis Vuitton sets sail to California with this luminous collection of fragrances that blend the spontaneity of colognes with the sophistication of perfumes.

The Film

Alex Israel

Louis Vuitton invited artist Alex Israel to bring the spirit of his native California to the Cologne Perfumes Collection. Alex Israel imagined each perfume as a touchstone in his universe, pairing each fragrance with one of his emblematic artworks to capture the spirit of each scent.

The Fragrances

For this unique collection, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud sought to unite the lightness of a citrus mist with the depth of flowers: "These are perfumes of light, with notes that burst to reveal all their inherent naturalness".

The Collection

Conceived as an ode to the iconic scenery of the West Coast, Sun Song, Cactus Garden, and Afternoon Swim now welcome California Dream, the new scent that celebrates the delight of a sunset, that special moment that prolongs the joy of a summer’s day. Spontaneous yet sophisticated, the Cologne Perfumes Collection conveys the promise of a faraway adventure and the spirit of an endless summer.

California Dream HK$ 2,200
100ml Travel Case HK$ 5,200
Sun Song HK$ 2,200
Cactus Garden HK$ 2,200
Afternoon Swim HK$ 2,200
100ML Travel Case HK$ 5,200