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Fashion Eye Lagos by Daniel Obasi

Fashion Eye Lagos by Daniel Obasi

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Nigerian photographer Daniel Obasi offers a series of militant yet fanciful images of a vibrant Lagos in a new title to join Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Eye Series.

A frequent contributor to the fashion pages of cutting-edge magazines, Daniel Obasi turns his lens on the Nigerian capital of Lagos. A contradictory title painted in capital letters at the start of the book, “Beautiful Resistance”, leaves no doubt as to the intentions of its author. Weaving an imagined narrative, the photographer brings together political and social issues of paramount importance to him, such as sexuality, gender fluidity, non-conformity, political corruption, and religious fervor.



Each book in Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Eye Series reveals a country, a region, a city, or a destination through the gaze of a fashion photographer. Title after title, a broad compendium of perspectives emerges, one that shifts with the destinations, including urban panoramas and natural landscapes, scenes of local life, and more contemplative work. The Fashion Eye Series gives rise to an unprecedented dialogue between emerging talents, seasoned photographers, and fashion photography legends.

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