Maison - Store Openings 25/04

Louis Vuitton Store in Las Vegas

The neighbourhood

Bigger, brighter, bolder. The always-electric Las Vegas is one place on earth that can be counted on to surprise and delight, mesmerise and entertain.

The upscale Crystals City Center brings the best brands in the world to those who appreciate fine things. A dynamic urban metropolis connected by winding pathways and vibrant design, the shopping center evokes a sense of exploration and discovery.

The façade

Bold and beautiful, the white façade is adorned with steel panels embossed with an abstraction of the “LV” motif. At night, it takes on an entirely different character. Inspired by the vibrant, every changing nature of the Las Vegas “strip”, it comes alive with a dazzling light show made by over 4,000 LEDs.

The interior

Sweeping views throughout the three level's 14,000-square feet offer a variety of spatial experiences, with each product universe having a unique character.

Two VIP rooms, one adjoining the watch and jewellery space on the mezzanine, the other associated with the ready- to-wear collection, are there for high-rollers.

Playful artwork by Belgian artist Lionel Esteve adds a splash of colour to the main entry from the strip, suspended in a double story semi-ellipse.

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