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Fashion - Fragrances 19/06

Louis Vuitton Men's Perfume Collection

Exploration of a new territory. Louis Vuitton presents the subtle, masculine side of Louis Vuitton perfumes.

The Film

The Campaign

A journey dedicated to men, delving into the heart of their instincts for freedom and their pioneering sensibility. Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has created five exceptional fragrances that pay homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-revelation. These singular compositions capture breathtaking discoveries and evoke a masculine energy right on the skin’s surface, without clichés or caricatures.

Les Voyages

From the ends of the world to Grasse, discover “Les Voyages de Jacques Cavallier Belletrud”, an itinerary with perfumery’s most luxurious raw ingredients

The Collection

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L'Immensité HK$ 2,200
Nouveau Monde HK$ 2,200
Orage HK$ 2,200
Sur la route HK$ 2,200
Au hasard HK$ 2,200
Miniature set HK$ 2,200