The History Of The Louis Vuitton Cup

HK$ 890

The History of the Louis Vuitton Cup offers an impassioned account of this prestigious yachting competition, which represents the rite of passage for the celebrated America's Cup. Edited by leading yachtsman Bruno Troublé, with texts and sketches by naval architect François Chevalier, it features an exclusive foreword by John Bertrand, the skipper of Australia II and the first winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup, as well as profiles of key figures and vivid accounts of landmark races. In a deluxe edition with a sail-inspired jacket, it is a must-read for any committed sailor.

- Fully updated since the first edition, published in 2008, with more than 60 additional images and pages
- 260 pages
- Published in French by La Martinière, in English by Abrams and in Italian by L'Ippocampo