Louis Vuitton Wallets: Stylish, Elegant and Practical

Take the time to browse Louis Vuitton’s wide selection of wallets, and you are sure to find the one for you.
From refined leathers to iconic canvas, bright colours and bold graphics, be inspired by Louis Vuitton’s collections.

Long Wallets
Zippy Wallet
HK$ 6,650
The Essentials
Sarah Wallet
HK$ 5,750
New this season
Victorine Wallet
HK$ 5,750
Chain Wallets
Pochette Félicie
HK$ 10,400
Multiple Wallet
HK$ 5,900
Travel Accessories
Daily Pouch
HK$ 5,450
Travel Accessories
Pocket Organizer
HK$ 3,200
Holiday Selection
Brazza Wallet
HK$ 5,100