The Tambour watch has a unique and recognisable case shape that pays tribute to the drum. Featuring a new anthracite grey dial, with black and red touches, Tambour Essential Grey is a versatile, masculine and contemporary watch collection. Faithful to the art of travel, the Tambour Essential Grey 41.5 GMT model gives the time in two time zones. The watch is worn with an interchangeable strap equipped with Louis Vuitton patented system.


  • Tambour精鋼錶殼
  • 錶殼直徑:41.5毫米
  • 灰色陽光射線紋錶盤
  • 夜光指針,日期於3點鐘位置
  • 自動機芯
  • 功能:GMT、小時、分鐘、秒鐘、日期
  • 可互換式錶帶配置路易威登專利系統
  • 針式錶扣
  • 防水深達100米
  • 瑞士製造
  • 2年保用