The Tambour Moon collection pays tribute to the original Tambour collection. The case represents a variation of the iconic Tambour shape with a unique inward curve, giving the watch a crescent-shaped profile. The concave edge creates a clever play on light and reflections that spreads to the case’s every curve. The watch is worn with an interchangeable strap equipped with Louis Vuitton patented system.


  • Tambour Moon精鋼錶殼
  • 錶殼直徑:41.5毫米
  • LV刻字錶底
  • 灰色錶盤,灰色凸緣配拋光鑲貼刻度和時標
  • 超夜光塗層半鏤空指針
  • 自動機芯
  • 功能:GMT、小時、 分鐘、秒鐘、日期
  • 動力儲存:42小時
  • 可互換式錶帶配置路易威登專利系統
  • 針式錶扣
  • 防水深達50米
  • 瑞士製造
  • 2年保用