The Tambour Slim collection features a thin watch signed with the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern.The central motif is a distinguised creation, which is enhanced by the guilloché white mother-of-pearl, a diamond setting, both emphasized by the sweet mirror-polished pink gold. The watch is worn with an interchangeable strap equipped with Louis Vuitton patented system.


  • Tambour Slim 18K玫瑰金錶殼鑲嵌60顆鑽石
  • 錶殼直徑:28毫米
  • 錶盤綴以白色扭索雕紋珍珠母貝圓形Monogram花卉,鑲嵌56顆鑽石,綴以拋光玫瑰金
  • 石英機芯
  • 功能:小時、分鐘
  • 可更換式錶帶配以路易威登專利系統
  • 針式錶扣
  • 116顆鑽石(0.64克拉)
  • 防水深達50米
  • 瑞士製造
  • 2年保用