The Tambour Slim collection features an out-of-the ordinary dial with contemporary lines that reinterprets in a bold yet refined way the iconic Monogram Flower. The dial of the Tambour Slim Metallic Flower, inspired by fluid forms, plays of light and reflections, features 60 Monogram Flowers. The watch is worn with an interchangeable strap equipped with Louis Vuitton patented system.


  • Tambour Slim精鋼錶殼
  • 錶殼直徑:39毫米
  • Monogram雕花錶底
  • 銀色金屬感錶盤綴以60個Monogram花卉,金色時針和分針,8個拋光凸圓珠和4個綴有LV標誌及Monogram花卉的金色時標
  • 石英機芯
  • 功能:小時、分鐘
  • 可更換式錶帶配以路易威登專利系統
  • 針式錶扣
  • 防水深達50米
  • 瑞士製造
  • 2年保用