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Printed Canvas

Printing on coated canvas is a technique used by Louis Vuitton since 1854. Since then, new innovations and printing techniques have been developed to allow for more complex and rich designs. Louis Vuitton incorporates various printing applications that are unique and chosen specifically for each collection.

Each printing technique consists of thin layers of ink applied on top of the canvas. Such techniques allow for intricate designs and colours but can be susceptible to abrasion and fading. This can appear with gentle use at the areas of greatest wear (such as the corners, folds, and bottom).

To avoid such abrasion, limit the contact to hard or rough surfaces (walls, rugs, concrete) and rotate the use of your handbag to ensure optimal wear and longevity.

For cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth with slightly soapy water, avoiding the printed portions. Home remedies such as mink oil, alcohol-based solutions such as hand sanitizers, leather lotions, cleaners, or chemicals, should not be used on any canvas products. The use of such remedies may cause the canvas wear adversely and prematurely.

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