La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton

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La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton

Originally founded by two visionary master watchmakers, Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasini, La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton brings together designers, engineers, and craftsmen under one roof in Meyrin, within the canton of Geneva, Switzerland — perpetuating Louis Vuitton's quest for excellence which began more than 20 years ago. Also comprising gérald genta and DANIEL ROTH, this human-scale Manufacture combines virtuoso and innovative savoir-faire to create exceptional timepieces — a symbol of continually reinvented creative audacity.

Crafting Each Component with Expertise

La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton unites the watch manufacturing of the three Maisons, encompassing the key functional and aesthetic components. The various areas of expertise, divided between La Fabrique des Boîtiers, La Fabrique des Cadrans, and La Fabrique des Mouvements, combine traditional savoir-faire and cutting-edge technology to give life to exceptional finishes — some of which feature the Poinçon de Genève seal.

Watchmaking Excellence

Veritable guardians of time and precision, the master watchmakers assemble each complication in their entirety, drawing on a wealth of expertise passed down from generation to generation. From the development of the patented Spin Time movement and the fabrication of the Poinçon de Genève-certified tourbillons to an atelier dedicated to grand complications such as minute repeaters and automatas, La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton and its expert artisans embody the Maison's quest for excellence and audacious vision.

The Art of Embellishing Time

Gathered within the heart of the Manufacture, ancestral savoir-faire and rare techniques are preserved by artisans for whom creativity and passion are boundless. Engraving, guilloche, enameling, miniature painting, and gem-setting: the Métiers d'Art fuse patience and meticulous precision to embellish Louis Vuitton, gérald genta, and DANIEL ROTH creations emerging as feats of craftsmanship and works of art.

A Bold Creative Journey

An idea begins with a pencil sketch, which is then brought to life through a more vivid depiction in gouache or watercolor. Each curve, shape, and nuance is then tirelessly refined, gradually revealing the silhouette of a new watch creation. At this moment, time takes on another dimension and gives way to 3D modeling — the beginning of a journey between tradition and modernity, artistic expression, and technical rigor, until the final piece is unveiled.

Precision and Accuracy, the Hallmarks of Quality

Before leaving the Manufacture, each timepiece undergoes rigorous quality control including technical, functional, and aesthetic verifications. Shock and water resistance, exposure to magnetic fields, and everyday wear are among the tests carried out over an eight-day period. Every detail is examined, from the movement to the finishes, to ensure that each creation embodies watchmaking perfection.