Fabric and leather shoes, or completely fabric shoes, must never be washed by soaking in water or in a washing machine. This would cause damage or migration of color and can detach the sole from the shoe.

The textiles used at Louis Vuitton have a water repellent finish that limits the risk of stains. However, the lighter coloured textiles still remain susceptible to staining. Once your textile shoes have been cleaned, please leave them to dry in the air before putting them away in their felt pouch.

The cotton canvas can be cleaned with the help of a brush or a lightly dampened cloth.

The satin can be cleaned with the help of a very lightly dampened cloth using gentle circular movements. Because this is a delicate material, please avoid rubbing it too hard so as not to remove the anti-stain treatment. Further care should be taken not to scratch this fabric against abrasive surfaces.

Made of goatskin or calfskin leather, suede insocks and linings are extremely delicate. They are specially treated to stabilise the colour pigments, but there is still a risk of colour release, which is due to their natural finishing.

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