The Louis Vuitton Aster necklace

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The Louis Vuitton Aster necklace

Infused with Louis Vuitton’s singular and historic savoir-faire, a breathtaking expression of excellence in design and craftsmanship is unveiled with a truly unique masterpiece: the Louis Vuitton Aster necklace. Created in the sequestered home of High Jewelry at the Maison's Place Vendôme atelier in Paris, the luminous piece embodies the creative vision of Artistic Director of Watches and Jewelry Francesca Amfitheatrof.


Exuding a deep royal blue hue, the Louis Vuitton Aster necklace showcases a constellation of the world’s most prestigious stones — rare and legendary Kashmir sapphires. Comprised of 23 stones weighing over 125 carats, the creation reveals a natural and untreated 17.88-carat sapphire at its center, emanating light with a star-like quality. Perfectly matched in color, shape, and crystal transparency, the remarkable gemstones were sourced with a discerning eye and unwavering determination, elegantly assembled to form an extraordinary regal design.


Merging the singular beauty of the gemstones with the exacting precision of the Maison’s High Jewelry savoir-faire, the Louis Vuitton Aster necklace honors the rare sapphires and exceptional diamonds in refined symmetry — nearing perfection. In a radiant symphony of iridescence, the graduating sizes of the sapphires alternate with the iconic custom LV Monogram Star cut diamonds in a fully articulated design, flexible as silk. Mirroring the velvet hues of the night sky, the piece evokes Francesca Amfitheatrof’s celestial inspirations.


This magnificent work of art is a testament to the masterful craftsmanship of the métier’s esteemed experts, requiring the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton’s most skilled artisans. Employing the art of traditional jewelry-making, the Maison's virtuosos meticulously crafted each component by hand, working together for 1,500 hours to realize this once-in-a-lifetime piece with immaculate precision.