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Fashion Eye Venice by Cecil Beaton

Fashion Eye Venice by Cecil Beaton

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The archives of British photographer Cecil Beaton reveal an intimate and nonchalant Venice in a new title to join Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Eye series.

Aesthete, artist, diarist and dandy, Cecil Beaton lived for beauty, whether designing costumes or sets for stage or screen, interpreting the grandest couture creations for the pages of Vogue, or focusing his lens on celebrities. The collection of his Venice images brought together in this book captures a magical world with a timeless imagination, a world that has thrived for centuries in the remarkable environment that is La Serenissima. Recounting his intensely busy life and chronicling his encounters with exceptional people, the photographer left behind an evocative diary and photographic records of his trips. From costume balls, social events, to swimming, opportunities abounded for this aesthete to savor the essence of Venice.


Who does not love to travel? We are all Marco Polos under the skin, dreaming of far-flung voyages with all the fervor of a nineteenth-century romantic.

Cecil Beaton


Each book in Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Eye series reveals a country, a region, a city, or a destination through the gaze of a fashion photographer. Title after title, a broad compendium of perspectives emerges, one that shifts with the destinations, including urban panoramas and natural landscapes, scenes of local life, and more contemplative work. Fashion Eye gives rise to an unprecedented dialogue between emerging talents, seasoned photographers, and fashion photography legends.

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