Totem Lumineux by Studio LV

HK$ 275,000

The Totem Lumineux’s delicately elegant design brings together seven hand-blown Murano glass spheres in five different colours: Peacock blue, Capri yellow, Caribbean green, Venetian ruby, and emerald green, of which the lowermost sphere is orned with a sanded LV signature. Sitting on a heavyweight, solid marble base, the gracefully sculptural globes beautifully warm and refract the LED column’s light, with each one supported on a gilded brass ring, of which the uppermost is engraved with the Louis Vuitton signature.

45 x 195 x 45 cm
(length x height x width )
  • Height: 195cm
  • Diameter: 45cm
  • Marble Carrara base: Ø 450mm H125mm
  • Rings : galvanized gold
  • Electronic parts:
  • Driver Led
  • Selector On/Off + Dimmer TbC
  • Diffuser
  • Strips led : 50000h/ 3000°k