Vivienne Monkey Pendant, 3 Golds, Lacquer, Diamonds & Colored Gemstones

HK$ 345,000

Louis Vuitton’s fun-loving mascot portrays an adorable figure from the Chinese zodiac in the Vivienne Monkey pendant. Exquisitely crafted in white and yellow gold with diamonds, yellow sapphires and tsavorites, the Vivienne appears holding a banana and a pink gold peach, a Chinese emblem of longevity. Also wearable as a brooch, this sophisticated multicultural jewel will appeal to both women and men.

  • Yellow, White and Pink Gold (18 kt)
  • Green lacquer
  • 146 Yellow Sapphires, Tsavorites
  • 20 Diamonds, ~ 0.3 ct
  • Height: ~34 mm
  • Length: ~80 cm + links at ~70 & ~75 cm