Vivienne Rainbow Pendant, 3 Golds, Diamonds & Colored Gemstones

HK$ 274,000

This Vivienne Rainbow pendant from the Vivienne Travellers collection is cast from white, yellow and pink gold, set with diamonds and a brilliant gemstone gradient of rubies, emeralds, multiple shades of sapphires and garnets. Inspired by Hong Kong’s famous Rainbow Village, this limited-edition jewel can also be worn as a brooch or displayed as an objet d’art.

  • White, Yellow and Pink Gold (18 kt)
  • 154 Colored Gemstones: Emeralds, Raspberry Rubies, Tsavorite Garnets, Spessartite Garnets, Yellow Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Blue Sapphires, Purple Sapphires.
  • 20 Diamonds, ~0.3 ct
  • Height: ~35 mm
  • Length: ~80 cm with adjustable links at ~ 70 & ~ 75 cm
  • Can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch.

The M20457 trunk has been specially designed to store the Vivienne Travellers' collection, and other jewelry pieces.