Vivienne Statue Of Liberty, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Lacquer & Diamonds

HK$ 295,000

This is an exquisite reimaging of the Statue of Liberty through the eyes of Vivienne, the playful House mascot. Meticulously crafted from 18-karat white and yellow gold, green and black lacquer, and incrusted diamonds, this jewel is the incarnation of the House’s savoir faire, as demonstrated by the detail work of the green lacquer used to reproduce the folds of the draped fabric.

  • White and Yellow Gold (18 kt)
  • Green and black lacquers
  • 68 diamonds, ~ 1.10 ct
  • Height: ~34 mm
  • Length: ~ 80 cm with adjustable links at ~ 70 & ~ 75 cm
  • Can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch.

The M20457 trunk has been specially designed to store the Vivienne Travellers' collection, and other jewelry pieces.