Cocoon By Fernando & Humberto Campana

HK$ 795,000

Known for their visionary approach to design, Fernando and Humberto Campana combine leading-edge technology with Louis Vuitton’s leathercraft heritage in their Cocoon for the Objets Nomades collection. Its delicately perforated fiberglass shell is lined with calfskin, smooth on the outside and quilted on the inside. Specially-shaped cushions make this seat a coddling, enveloping retreat, the perfect place to laze the day away.

79.5 x 135 x 82 cm
(length x height x width )
  • H 135 x W 82 x D 79.5 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Red
  • Fiberglass shell covered with calfskin
  • Woolen cushions
  • 2-meter suspension cord covered in woven calfskin
  • Brass trim
  • Cord and edges in magnolia calfskin
  • Max. capacity: 100 kg
  • Limited edition of 8 per color