Signature Sofa Indoor By Frank Chou

HK$ 665,000

With their flowing and delicate silhouette, the graceful arches of Frank Chou’s Signature Armchair and Sofa recall elegant calligraphy brushstrokes and were inspired by terraced fields in Yunnan, China, and the naturally sculpted forms of Antelope Valley, Arizona, USA. This indoor version sees these dynamic “floating” structures covered with striking three-dimensional “Dots” fabric from PAOLA LENTI and rich Louis Vuitton leather on the inside. The Signature Sofa & Armchair are available in multiple color combinations and comfortably proportioned. The sofa’s three-meter length easily seats four people and is accompanied by the Signature Armchairs to form a complete seating set

296.5 x 78.4 x 90.3 cm
(length x height x width )
  • Aubergine
  • Length: 296 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Height: 78 cm
  • Sitting Height: 41 cm